Welcome to Johnson Development Co. LLC

Our mission is to offer consistent value while providing quality accommodations to our guests.

We offer genuine, friendly and personal service, while continuously working to improve our product, our service and the quality of life, for both our guests and our employees.

We achieve our vision by fostering growth, encouraging creativity and hiring enthusiastic, caring employees who listen to and care for our guests.

Since our beginning, our vision of what Johnson Development Company should be has guided how we develop our hotels, treat our customers, contribute to the community, uphold the investment of our stakeholders, and, most importantly, how we inspire and instill core values in our employees.

We believe in encouraging and supporting employees by fostering a highly creative, interactive, and positive work environment. We’re committed to working and having fun without losing sight of getting things done. The culture we cultivate places a high value on quality, customer service, hard work, respect, integrity and the ability to laugh at ourselves and with each other.

The outstanding talent and the dedication to the training of our employees allows us to develop and operate award winning Hotels. We take pride in the fact that our customers are our best salespeople and our employees are our best recruiters.

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