Our mission is to offer consistent value while providing quality accommodations to our guests.

Property Development

Johnson Development Company understands the needs of people who invest time and money in hotel property. Our organization can assist both new and seasoned investors and owners with the intense demands of the hospitality industry.

  • Local hospitality education for investors and owners new to the industry.
  • Pre-opening concerns such as design, feasibility, operating equipment, legal compliance, staffing, training, marketing/sales and franchise assistance.
  • Market analysis, capital improvement needs, operational history, and other business planning.
  • Asset management, including advice on ideal hotel operation for maintaining and improving value.
  • Hospitality consulting designed to address the specific concerns of an owner or investor.
  • Competition analysis and strategic placement.

Business Development/General Management/Marketing

Johnson Development Company’s property management services are designed to ensure the effective operation of all hotel departments and facilities so that profits are achieved through revenue enhancements, expense control and leadership training. Our services aim to provide outstanding guest satisfaction and loyalty. In order to promote sustained growth and market penetration, Johnson Development Company works closely with Hotel leadership to carry out a strategy balanced with continual sales efforts and delivery of high quality, memorable guest experiences.

  • Operation reviews and planning.
  • Development and improvement of internal control procedures.
  • Assessment of facilities, market environment, operating procedures and existing management and personnel.
  • On-site inspections and consultations with key employees.
  • Volume purchase agreements with other owned and managed properties when warranted and mutually beneficial to all properties.
  • Coordinated sales efforts and sales training.
  • Staff evaluation, goal setting, and performance reviews.


Accurate and timely financial reporting is the key to making sound business decisions regarding your investment. Johnson Development Company has developed and tested procedures that ensure that financial reporting is complete and accurate month after month, satisfying the needs of investors and creditors.

  • Centralized invoice and direct deposit payroll processing.
  • Customizable reporting systems which produce accurate and timely financial information.
  • Cash flow maximization with forecasting, sweeps to concentrated accounts, excess fund investments, real estate tax challenges and cost control.
  • Centralized financial reporting tailored to the individual demands of owners and investors
  • Budget assistance and preparation.

Human Resources/Administration

Johnson Development Company understands that the key to all success in the hospitality industry lies within its people. The company places a high emphasis on the continuing education of all employees, with a substantial investment in employee training.

  • Key employee recruitment and selection.
  • Payroll processing and direct deposit
  • Benefit administration.
  • Management training and education programs


Johnson Development Company's in-house legal counsel provides support and training to its managed hotels. Legal counsel provides the necessary support and guidance in the development of company policies. The company focuses on training as its key to prevention and protection.