Director of Sales and Catering Honored by NACE

On January 5, 2006 at the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) Leadership Conference, in Dallas, Texas, Angela Ford was honored with recognition to the 2006 NACE President's List. Angela is the Director of Sales and Catering at the Holiday Inn - Urbana. The President’s List honor is awarded to a select number of individuals throughout the association’s 3500+ members each year. The tradition began to recognize NACE members that truly exemplify effort and achievement within the industry and beyond other members within their chapters.

Nominations are made by each chapter’s president and are sent to the national president for review and must include two letters of recommendations. The nomination and reference letters all carried a consistent theme throughout:

Dedication, determination and commitment
Tireless and selfless service
Encouraging – Cheerleader
Supportive – Above and Beyond the call

“I am truly honored to receive this recognition and to be placed among some of the well known names in the industry. It is rewarding to have this accomplishment and be reminded that success comes from the commitment you make to inspire others, get the job done, and to strive for excellence at all times. I encourage everyone to find something you are passionate about and excel to rewarding levels,” stated Angela.